Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes
Our wedding and groom’s cakes are priced per serving. This is a base price and additional design charges may apply depending on design and flavor selected.
Pricing starts at $2.75per serving for basic buttercream and these standard flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla and Yellow.
– Pricing starts at $3.25 per serving for any 2 flavours swirled or one layer of each, Carrot, Coconut, Marble, Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream, Cream Cheese.
– Pricing starts at $3.50 for Fondant icing per serving.
-Carved Cakes are $3.75 and up per serving depending on complexity.
All of our custom flavors are $5-$10 per tasting, $12 for selections with liquor. If you are considering more than one flavor for your wedding cake, we recommend choosing 2-3 flavors. Please be considerate…all of our tastings are baked to order, so please make your selections at least one week prior to your appointment.
Popular Wedding Cake Tier Combinations:
Round Cakes:
6″8″10″=80 servings
8″10″12″=125 servings
6″10″14″=130 servings
6″8″10″12″=140 servings
8″10″12″14″=205 servings
Square Cakes:
6″8″10″=100 servings
6″10″12″=140 servings
8″10″12″=154 servings
6″10″14″=166 servings
6″8″10″12″=172 servings